Song of the Stone

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Song of the Stone

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Human conflict touches our lives every day.
We begin to think the aggression that destroys families and nations is “what always has been... and what will always be.” Yet, the indigenous wisdom keepers of the sacred histories say that’s a distortion of the human story. There were peoples who found another way – peoples close to the earth who revered all life and who respected the spirit of the land.
In Song of the Stone, Barry Brailsford shares his journey into the lore and life of the Waitaha - a multi-tribal nation in Aotearoa/New Zealand – who lived in peace for a thousand years. He takes us into the spirit and teachings of the First Nations of North America and the fulfilment of ancient prophecies –the Hoop of Life being mended, the arrival of an age of hope where ancient wisdoms, archetypes woven into our sub-conscious, guide us once again.
Song of the Stone is an odyssey into universal truth where old traditions stand tall to support the new. Song of the Stone opens doors into the magic of the ordinary, helps us reach beyond ourselves while journeying within. Ancient wisdom long thought lost returns. We remember the truth of our story and find our way home.

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