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Game On

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Grant Rensler knows he’s considered uptight, even at the law firm where he’s been working hard to make partner—but he simply likes his privacy. He's furious when he finds out some stranger has been taking dips in his pool.

Ned Hill has been attempting to recreate one of his favorite movies, The Swimmer, to help him jump-start his creativity. When he’s swimming laps in a neighbor’s pool, the homeowner flips out and Ned feels a little bad. Ned's strongest response? He's intrigued by the man, so very different from his usual, more laid-back partners.

Then, when they run into each other again, Ned decides he’s definitely interested. He’s just got to convince Grant he’s not trying to ruin his life or career — and that the attraction of an opposite will be good for him...Very, very good.

An m/m novella

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