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Anyone who flies knows that there are a number of situations that can ruin your trip and end up costing you time and money to fix. Complaining about your problem may help, but avoiding the situation that led to the complaint would help even more. In this book, airline safety and security expert Dr. Todd Curtis shows how passengers should complain to their airline or to the TSA when things go wrong during a trip. More importantly he also provides the reader with detailed and extensive advice that will help an airline passenger to make decisions and to take actions that will either keep many typical air travel and airport security problems from happening in the first place, reduce the chance that these problems occur, and help to resolve a problem quickly and effectively should one occur.

Since 1996, AirSafe.com has provided the public with insights and advice about a wide range of airline topics on its web sites, blogs, podcasts, and downloadable documents, and some of AirSafe.com's most popular information about airline complaints is included in this ebook. Combining information from the AirSafe.com network of web sites, and from a variety of other sources, this book covers the following areas:

* How to complain to your airline service
* How to complain to the TSA
* When you should not complain
* How to reduce carry-on baggage risks
* How to reduce checked luggage complaints
* Security and identification requirements
* How to negotiate for compensation when you get bumped
* How to avoid problems with your airline trip
* How to avoid problems with the TSA
* How to avoid unaccompanied child travel complaints
* Fear of flying information and solutions

Published: Todd Curtis on
ISBN: 9781887674034
List price: $3.99
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