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Born for War

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A Rising Knight: Volume 2

What’s the difference between a soldier and a warrior? What’s the difference between those who live in the world and those who shape it? Power. Pain. Purpose. Arrogance. Rage. Fearlessness. Determination. Welcome back to the fight, it’s missed you.

A rising Knight: Volume 2, Born for War continues the ongoing story of a man who would be legend. The stage had been set. The players are on their marks. It’s show time. Marvel as Vlad marvels or the wonders of learning his craft. Rage as he rages at a world determined to wipe his people off the face of the earth. Revel as he revels in the in the pure fun that is having power and only that responsibility you choose to take on. And finally, be there to meet the men who clean up the messes and tell the lies.

Born for War features amazing cover art by Paulo Barrios and David Delanty and a full galley in the back. There you can check out all the steps in the creation of this amazing cover as well as other art associated with the series.


Torrents of the Reigh roared through him as he drew in everything he could. The Knight had no idea what a Dractine was. All he knew was that with this much power, and the right spell, he could do anything. A feral grin spread across his face. Anything.

The demon turned its head. Ethan was right, this shield couldn't mask his full power. No matter, the time for hide and seek was over. The Knight did two things at once. He traced a wall of compress air around himself, the street in front of the demon's building and the building itself. With that wall surrounding them they could be as loud as they liked and no one would hear a thing. The second thing he did all the air from the front of the demon's building, creating a vacuum. A big one.

In an instant the entire front of the apartment blew outward showering stone, glass and mortar. A silent explosion. Instead the Knight's bones were rattled by a hollow concussion. Sound finally came when rubble and demon both crashed to the ground. Vibrations trembled through the ground so that the pole shivered under his fingers. The Knight let go and followed the wreckage to the ground.

Faster than he expected the demon was up and standing on its hind hands. An axe bloomed from darkness into its raised right hand. The demon gave out a roar, like a donkey’s bray magnified a thousand times. The sound of it stabbed into the Knight’s ears as the demon charged.

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