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Night Walkers

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Summer vacation is almost over, and the boys are thinking about one last adventure before school resumes. The one outstanding event in their world was slowly moving their way. Could it be new neighbors? It appears they are moving into the Werner House. Who in their right mind would move into that house? It’s haunted.
For Sam and his friends it looks like they have one last adventure after all. It’s time to meet the new neighbors and find out what makes them so special.
Night Walkers is an introduction to the Warner Mansion and its sordid past. We will be looking at just a small slice of time in a series of events that centers on the Warner Mansion. The Mansion was built in the last years of the 1800’s. Most of its life, the mansion has sat empty, but that story is for another time at a later date. At this point in time, a newlywed couple has purchased the home and is moving in. The new couple has only been seen at night and this sparks the boys’ imagination. Well, it not just sparks throws a flame thrower on it and lights up the whole sky.

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