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Hiking, Walking and Biking Nagano: 16 Tours in Ueda City and Environs

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Ueda City is in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, in the middle of the main Japanese island of Honshu. Less than two hours from Tokyo, the city and its surroundings provide an intriguing mixture of nature, history and culture. Encircled by forested, 2000m high mountains, there are a wealth of hiking opportunities providing dramatic views down to the Chikuma River valley and adjacent fertile plains.

The city has a rich history, which is explored in a number of walks in this book. Bessho Onsen provides a chance to soak in some ancient hot springs. In addition, there are famous temples and shrines nearby, many dating from the 13th century. Strategically located between Tokyo and Niigata, the Ueda area was the scene of a number of historic battles during the 15th century. Later, in the Edo era, it became an
important site for commerce, transport and agriculture. Many reminders of these times are described in this book.

Ueda City and environs provide a memorable engagement with one of Japan's most livable cities. Each tour has a detailed English description, colour photographs, and a full-colour map. Even with no Japanese language ability, readers will be able to find their way around the routes, and glean fascinating details about the sights encountered.

Ueda and Sakaki Area
1. Central Ueda City Walk/Ride
2. Unno Juku Walk/Ride
3. Mt Taro Hike
4. Mt Daidou Hike
5. Ikushima Tarushima Shrine and Mt Higashi Hike
Bessho Onsen Area
6. Bessho Onsen Walk/Ride
7. Shioda Plains Walk/Ride
8. Mt Ogami Hike
9. Mt Tokko Hike
Aoki Village Area
10. Mt Juukan and Mt Otaka Hike
11. Mt Komayumi Hike
Maruko Area
12. Maruko Castle Park and Temples Walk
Sugadaira Kogen
13. Mt Azumaya and Mt Neko Hike
Yunomaru Kogen
14. Mt Eboshi and Mt Yunomaru Hike
15. Mt Kagonoto and Mt Mizunoto Hike
Komoro City Area
16. Nunobiki Temple and Komoro Castle Park Hike

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