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Seldom Sleep + Otaku Poetry
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A small compilation of fantastic poems about life, love, and anime by a young, talented creative writer. Most of these poems are based on high school writing class prompts, but all of them are uniquely strange, creative, and from the heart. Please enjoy!

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Seldom Sleep + Otaku Poetry - Sarah Sparks

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First, I would like to say that I do not wish to be known as a poet. I am not a poet—I write fiction of all sorts—I just have old poetry from high school that needs a place besides my floor and my filing cabinet.

The second part of this book, Otaku Poetry, is a collection of poetry, which are tributes to my favorite anime (Japanese animation). Otaku literally means one who stays home, but it refers to people who are obsessed with whatever they like. It is usually used in America to call someone anime-obsessed. The poems therein are completely different from the Seldom Sleep poems, though they may still have a strange twinge. You will most likely not understand them unless you know the anime that they represent, but you can still enjoy them even if you don’t know the stories behind them.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


Empty Angel

Who am I

What am I

Shall I ever know

I was never told by my makers

of whom I know nothing

and whom I’ve never met

My eyes are burned by the brightness of the shirt I find myself wearing

I am thrilled by the brilliance of the colors such as the emerald grass below

The colors of which I am used to I am no longer surround me

No one can see my wings

Long and majestic

They are just as broken as I am

And of the ones who once called me brother

I feel them as air gently brushing against my pale skin

but they cannot reach me

I can no longer feel their mind gently brushing against my own

They weep for me

And I know this because I would have wept for them

Sleep Tree (I of V)