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King’s Gold

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King’s Gold is a story of two prospectors, Don King and Ted Walsh and their plan to locate and mine the reef of gold, which has been reported
by Mr. H.B. Lasseter early in the 20th century. They have found one of the surviving members of Mr. Lasseter’s team and they hope that his
information will give them a better understanding of the location of the reef. After several deviations they continue driving to their expected destination along the Great Central Road.
Their journey connects them with several other groups of people who, although have different agendas, are travelling along the same road and
they find themselves in situations well beyond their control.
Unbeknown to them, a couple of gold thieves, Mick Dunraven and Angelo Botacelli, have just stolen a truck load of new gold bullion from a vault
in Kalgoorlie and are taking the unusual option of returning to Sydney on the same route. They try some unusual activities as they attempt to
outwit the police.
After retiring, Gordon and Betty, are driving their motorhome, heading east to Queensland and have just commenced their trip of a lifetime. They too are using the same road as they take in the scenery and look at the wildlife.
Two engineers, Mick Jones and Ravin Goldcastle, are flying west from Sydney by helicopter to test out a new type of intriguing electronic device for seeking out minerals. They too are operating in the same area.
The Kalgoorlie police mount a major operation to catch the gold thieves and recover the gold bullion. After a very baffling beginning to the case they decide to follow a lead that will find them travelling along this same road.
We follow the paths of all of these people as they become entwined while they journey along and the story becomes complicated.
The story of King’s Gold travels through some of the most scenic parts of the Australian outback and deals with several interesting Australian characters as the dramas unfold.
Robbery, kidnapping, exploring, shootings and police tactical operations occur along the route, disrupting the activities of the prospectors.

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