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The "Vampires of Charity" are members of the Shriners' secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters. The FBI caught four Jesters trafficking women to their weekend prostitution parties from Buffalo, New York to Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Florida and Canada. These include a former New York State Supreme court Judge, his law clerk, a retired police captain and an Erie County deputy sheriff. Court documents show that the DOJ and FBI describe the Jesters as having a member in nearly all 191 chapters who get prostitutes for their next weekend party.
Nineteen Jesters were called as witnesses to testify about their first hand knowledge of sex with minor prostitutes while on a fishing trip to Brazil. The former fishing tour operator who took them fishing is being prosecuted in Brazil for using underage girls as prostitutes for his North American clients. A federal grand jury is also investigating him for child sex tourism. It was also discovered that two U.S. Congressmen used campaign contributions to pay for Jester membership dues and Jester event registration fees.
This is the biggest nonprofit fraud of our time because the Jesters' tax returns itemize their costs of their parties as write offs as bad cops, bad judges and corrupt government officials fulfill their exempt purpose of "Mirth and Merriment."

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