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Tangled Affairs: sequel to Rose from the Grave

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For the last nine months, Chance Eliason and Kat Summers have been lovers. Kat lives in Seattle, and Chance lives three hours away in the little town of Rosswood. Of late, this distance between them has put a strain on their relationship. One Sunday in August, Chance confronts Kat about her refusal to return to Rosswood where she’d suffered a frightening ordeal. In the heat of the argument, bitter words are spoken that send Chance back to his ranch and into the arms of his past, a past fraught with danger and deception, a past that will change Chance and Kat’s relationship forever.

Brimming with suspense, Tangled Affairs is a story of lovers past and present entangled in a web of danger and deception. It is also about the power of everlasting love.

This sequel to Rose from the Grave also includes characters from Visions of Hope.

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