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Two Perfect Crimes: Suzi B. Mystery #3

145 pages1 hour


The one attorney that rubs Peter and Suzi the wrong way most is Mister Morris Arthur, and this time he commits what our protagonists feel is the worst offense: getting one of them in trouble with the law.

They all feel that Arthur’s actions have gone unpunished for a previous crime, and he is on the verge of succeeding in repeating the act in another crime – and must be stopped.

The secret to stopping Morris Arthur is by tricking him and his clever attorney into painting themselves into a corner in a trial... a position from which there is no favorable way out.

You will enjoy the give-and-take dialogue and legal maneuvering of District Attorney Myra Scot Sharp and Morris Arthur’s attorney during a civil trial that Myra hopes will result in forcing Arthur to admit his committing of two crimes that everyone thinks he is innocent of... especially when the surprise witness of the century is called to the stand – a person whose appearance even shocks Peter.

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