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Elvis Presley: The Life, Loves and Tragedy of the King of Rock ‘n Roll

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There is only one King of Rock ‘n Roll, and this Elvis Presley. The story of how a poor kid from a poor area become one of the biggest stars in history is a fascinating and extraordinary one - and you can get all the details in this revealing book. From his earliest attempts at singing in public, to his sad decline and early death, everything you need to know about Elvis is in this book. You will discover:

* how Elvis’s manager was both his blessing and his curse
* who took millions of dollars of Elvis’s money
* how Elvis could make millions, yet be broke when he died
* the truth about the day when Elvis shot his own cars
* the amazing meeting between Elvis and The Beatles
* why his marriage to Priscilla ended in failure
* how Elvis consumed thousands of pills as a helpless addict
* what really happened on the night Elvis died
* the secrets behind the music that changed the world

Even today, Elvis remains one of the most important figures in the history of music. Buy this book to discover what made him such a giant in the industry, and the guilty secrets he kept hidden behind the gates of Graceland.

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