The Stars of His Coming
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The Bible says that God Himself named the starts and constellations and placed His message in them. This message is the story of Jesus – from the first promise of the Seed of Woman given to Adam and Eve to His fist coming as out suffering Savior to His second coming as our Ruler and His ultimate triumph over Satan. The Stars of His Coming was written to explain these celestial signs of Christ’s coming within the context of the revelation of God contained in the stars.

Adam ,Noah and Abraham knew the starry message. Isaiah, Daniel, John and other prophets incorporated its image into Scripture. It was believed by the Wise Men from the east who understood the meaning of the Star of Bethlehem and acted on their knowledge to find Jesus.

There were signs in the sun, moon, and stars when Jesus was born. By understanding these signs of His coming we can retrace the steps of the wise Men and see why they followed the Star of Bethlehem.

Using that same knowledge we can understand the signs in the sun, moon, and starts that point to His Second Coming. Like the Wise Men, we can know the signs and wait for the Start of His Coming.

For most of our history, in most of our cultures, the stars formed the mythological underpinning of our search for spiritual understanding. Yet our search led us away from the Maker and Father of all, as we worshiped the created things and lost knowledge of the Creator. To¬day the stars themselves are identified with false pagan religions and astrology.

But it was not always so. The story of the stars is the story of the Creator Himself, told in His own words and pictures - and painted with fire across the expanse of the universe. It is the Bible read by Adam, Noah, and Abraham. And its images and promises permeate the writ¬ten Word of God handed down to us as our Bible.

Come and discover the beauty and majesty, the glory and power of the Creator God. Discover the love and tenderness, the pain and sacrifice of the Father God who came to save his lost children.

Like the wise men who followed the star to Bethlehem, you, too, can find Him and worship at His feet.

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ISBN: 9781301541171
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