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This is a collection of Lenny Rudow's how-to/where-to fishing articles, some previously published in The Fisherman magazine and some all-new, about fishing for flounder, panfish (perch)and catfish. Noted fishing writer Lenny Rudow has written for decades about fishing in the Mid-Atlantic region, and in this book he shares the how-to/where-to knowlegde that can only be gained through experience.
The book includes 8 distinct chapters which address specific tactics and places anglers will be interested in, when they're targeting these species. Chapter one covers how to fish for panfish like perch, spot, and croaker on hard-bottom humps, including where-to info for Belvedede Shoals (on the Chesapeake Bay). Chapter two covers cold-weather catfish fishing, and identifies six different hotspots for cats in Maryland and Virginia. Fishing for flounder is covered in chapter three, with specifics given for Wachapreague. Next, catching flounder on the greater Chesapeake Bay is covered in detail - tactics, tackle, and top hot-spots. In chapter five, we get into yellowperch fishing during the late winter/early spring season. And yes, several Maryland hotspots are again described in detail. Chapter six is for the shore-line angler; 10 top hotspots for land-locked fishermen (including the what-how-where info you need), in Maryland are detailed. Chapter seven has more info on fishing specifically for yellow perch. And finally, in chapter eight Rudow details ways you can catch more catfish.

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