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A Nation In Denial: A Better Ghana That Never Was

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The Mills-Mahama government that ruled Ghana between 2009 and 2012 scored themselves extremely high marks; but, would an objective observer score them even average? I remember how Fiifi Kwetey, the Deputy Minister for Finance, went round saying to people: 'When I ask, have we removed so many schools from under trees ... you respond, yes we have.' After which he would start singing the government praise, expecting all to sing along. Is it not laughable? Trying to brainwash a whole nation? Indeed, the Mills-Mahama government spent more time thinking how to deceive Ghanaians rather than planning how to develop Ghana. They were more interested in the day-to-day politics of the country than the day-to-day governance of the country. So the regime was bound to fail. And their failures showed in diverse ways, prompting them to do even more propaganda to cover up, as they led the country in circles. They charted a path of denial for the country, trying continually to get us into thinking we were better off under their administration than ever before, when the realities on the ground did not support it. This ebook presents a critical assessment of the performance of the government that scored itself extremely high marks, insisting it had delivered on its promise of offering Ghanaians a better Ghana when in fact there was no better Ghana anywhere under their regime.

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