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Ghost Lovers: Paranormal Mystery Novella

47 pages42 minutes


Realtor Catherine’s rich clients fall for a Victorian Gothic house. With its high pointy roof and peaked windows, marble fireplaces and plaster moldings, it looks just like a haunted house. And Catherine’s bad luck—it turns out actually to be a haunted house.

The rich man who owned the house was murdered, shot in the head as he was working in his study. A week later, his wife was shot as she walked out of her bedroom. Their ghosts are haunting the house. It’s pretty clear they want something. But what? The ghost with the head wound can’t even talk, but he’s trying to.

The clients are really rich and completely insensitive to ghosts, and Catherine can tell they’ll buy the house sooner or later. Till they do, she’ll just have to suck it up, whatever happens. Whatever happens.

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