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A Crack in the Wall

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A town at the center of a broken universe, Newt Run was never meant to exist; it is a town of artists, drug dealers, miners and steam. There are holes here, gaps in the fabric of things, and some of them are wide enough for people to slip through. Rumours have been spreading about disappearances in the mines, and someone has been defacing the town's walls with rings of painted blood. Strangest of all are the tales of outsiders - mysterious visitors who can only be seen by users of the drug known as powder.

Newt Run is also a novel, but the world of Newt Run was much too large to fit inside a single book. These short stories, or 'modules', extend this world, probing into its deepest (and its smallest) secrets.

In 'A Crack in the Wall' a crack in the wall of his apartment leads a man into nightmare.

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