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Your Peace Diet: Using Yoga Principles to reduce stress and anxiety

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Stressed out? Anxious? Or just looking for more peace in your life? Find out how you can use Yoga Principles to create a healthy, calm and peaceful life.

In Your Peace Diet Learn:

•How to Care for and Honor yourself through supporting your Dosha (Your dominant body type according to Indian Holistic Medicine)
•To balance your body systems through Diet, Lifestyle and Beginner Yoga Poses
•About the one thing you can do to stop anxiety in its tracks. You can do this anywhere at any time!
•Which of your Chakras (your energy points in your body) may be out of alignment because of stress and anxiety and how to do a basic Chakra meditation to help balance them.
•About the ancient art of Vaastu (increasing the energy in your home) and how your environment affects your ability to relax
•How your thoughts DO create your world and how you can re-write your past and re-create your future!

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