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This authoritative timeline of the American Revolution includes the text of numerous original documents of the era, providing extraordinary insight into the thoughts and plans of key players in the drama, including General George Washington.

Sample of Contents (incomplete): Washington to Robert Stewart, William Crawford, Francis Dandridge, Robert Cary; Essex County Resolutions; Letter to His Most Excellent Majesty; Resolutions of Merchants; Letter from a Principal House in England; Glorious News; Virginia House of Burgesses; Boston Merchants; To the Merchants and Traders of Philadelphia; Violators of the Non-Importation Agreement; Washington to Mason; Mason Replies; Advertisement; The Minions of Tyranny; The Times; Massacre at Boston; Female Patriot; To the Freemen; Boston Tea Party; Proceedings of the Committee of Correspondence; In Times of Public Danger; Fixed Plan to Bring the Most Humiliating Bondage; Earl of Chatham Speech; Galloway's Speech to Continental Congress; Declaration of Rights and Grievances; Continental Association; First Shots of War; Washington to Robert Mackenzie; Continental Congress to General Gage; General Gage to Peyton Randolph; British Officer Describes Conditions in Boston; British Officer at Lexington and Concord; Depositions Concerning the Fights at Lexington and Concord; Declaration of Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms; Washington Accepts Appointment as Commander of Continental Army; Washington to New York Legislature; General Washington Deals with Day-to-Day Issues in the Continental Army; Results of Battle of Long Island; Defending Manhattan Island; Washington Assesses the Strategic Situation 1777; Washington Describes Battle at Brandywine Creek; Washington Describes Continental Army at Valley Forge, Winter 1777-1778; The French Alliance; Washington Opposes a Franco-American Attack on Canada; Correspondence Between Washington and John Jay; Washington Complains That Congress Needs Greater Power to Conduct War; Two Continental Congress Addresses to the Six Nations; Brothers, Cayugas, Senecas, Tuscaroras, Mohawks!; An Address of the Congress to the Inhabitants of the United States of America, May 8, 1778; Revolutionary War: The Home Front; Washington to Benjamin Lincoln, October 2, 1782; Definitive Articles of the Peace of Paris, January 14, 1784; By the United States in Congress Assembled, A Proclamation, January 14, 1784; Washington's Circular Letter of Farewell to the Army, June 8, 1783

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