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The Uppity Earl

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THE UPPITY EARL is a Regency romance set in London, England. An American girl born in London, Tessa Darby returns to England to escape the tyranny of a cruel step-father; and do her utmost to reform the harsh child labor laws of her birth country. The Earl of Penwyck, and member of the House of Lords, is the very sort of influential gentleman Tessa wishes to present her impassioned plea. But a more self-righteous and uppity man Tessa has never met! The exasperating earl simply cannot tolerate a woman interested in politics! If only her narrow-minded nemesis were also not the most educated, principled, and desirable of men.

The Earl of Penwyck is having the devil of a time controlling the deplorable behavior of his mother’s houseguest, the auburn-haired, spectacle-making Miss Darby. The stubborn American girl simply will not take direction and the last thing the aristocratic family needs is another scandal! Still, the earl has to admit there is something refreshingly tantalizing about a beautiful woman who is also intelligent. But, he refuses to believe that he is falling in love with the willful American chit, even if he continues to reflect on what a perfect countess she would make!

“Another unusual plot from the talented pen of Marilyn Clay! I loved both Tessa and the Earl of Penwyck. Readers will laugh aloud at the dance lesson!” – Regency author, Melissa Frederick.

“Ms. Clay handles social reform issues in Regency England with aplomb! A perfect blend of romance, humor and captivating plot.”–Red River Reviews.

MARILYN CLAY is a multi-published author and respected historian of the Regency period. A former University Editor for the University of Texas at Dallas, for sixteen years, Marilyn Clay published and edited The Regency Plume Newsletter, an international newsletter containing well-researched articles useful to writers, historians and people interested in the 18th and early 19th centuries in English history.

Historical essays by Marilyn Clay appear in Encyclopedia of Romanticism: Culture in Britain, 1780s – 1830s published by Garland Books.

Ms. Clay recent historical suspense novels include DECEPTIONS: A Jamestown Novel and SECRETS AND LIES: A Jamestown Novel, both released in hardcover from Thomson/Gale in 2010 and 2012 and now available in print from major on-line retailers and as e-books. THE LETTER, also set in Jamestown was released in both print and e-book formats. BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY recently published by Mayfair Books, was simultaneously released in print and e-book formats, and is also available from major on-line retailers and for various e-readers.

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