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Daniel O'Connell, The Last King of Ireland

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Daniel O'Connell had an exciting life, spiced with duelling, Revolution, and girls galore until his marriage. That marriage astonishingly for the times, was a love match, far from the norm in those days. Dan was born in 1785 into the family of what was really a smuggler baron. At the age of 15 he was sent to school in France, but had to flee three years later on the day Louis XVI was guillotined in Paris. So it was England for the first time in his life, and he spent three years there, learning law and chasing girls. Back in Ireland he was eventually, and surprisingly, called to the Bar. His future was always intended to be in the law, and his astounding and at times hilarious career as a barrister laid the foundation for his political life. As a barrister he won fame and fortune. As a politician he achieved greatness, and eventually became what was very, very close to being the ruler of Ireland ‒ the last, though uncrowned, King.

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