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No Happy Ending

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My name is Voodoo Daddy. ML Erwin and TJ Scott are friends of mine. They say I can write instead of selling drugs, robbing and need I say more. Ain't no happy ending; well, maybe. Later. Oh, and them niggers can write, check us out.
Beaver Teeth by Black Voodoo Daddy: It's the seventies. He's a faggot. You're attracted to him. He's a queer. You want him, he wants you.
No Happy Ending by Black Voodoo Daddy: A Transsexual, a cop. Both planning suicide. Hello, goodbye.
Pastor Clay's Soul by Black Voodoo Daddy: One last chance for 72 year old pastor Willie Clay. She walks in his church. Her skin glows,her lips are full. Her ass is the size of a Volkswagon. He wants her but all she wants is Pastor Clay's Soul.
the Black rock by ML Erwin and TJ Scott: She's beautiful, she's a mulatto gegro. You're white, it's 1969. They are in love.
Swagger like us by ML Erwin and TJ Scott: Pastor Earl may love the church. The church loved him. He sewed a seed, expecting to be blessed. God has other plans brother. How does he make the church pay. Maggie: Maggie must come back. Suductive dead Maggie. Everybody know's, " Don't nobody Swagger like dead Maggie.
The Pillow by ml erwin and tj scott: My son will own the world. He'll be an all state quarterback. He will be heavyweight champ. Every girl will feel his sting. He will fuck women from 8 to 80, blind, cripple, cross-eyed or crazy. Wait a minute. Your son's a________.

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