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In this book Easton Hamilton takes you on a brief journey through the rise of science, showing how over the last 400 years, faith and religion have been slowly and steadily overthrown by science’s increasing influence. This is not a book that is in any way against the ascent of science, to the contrary it recognizes its pivotal role. However, it is now increasingly clear, according to the author, that science from the time of the 17th century has indeed risen to a position where in many instances it has become the ultimate arbiter, the final decision maker. And this is the dangerous mistake he suggests human kind is making... and as a consequence we are paying dearly for that.

The journey this book invites you to take raises some important questions. For example, experience and observation have taught us that science has changed its mind on some major issues about every 30 or 40 years and so some of the things once held true have now proven to be flawed. Therefore, can we really make science our new God, when despite its many talents it has often led us astray with its ‘certainty’?

Easton Hamilton suggests we need to give science the respect it is due but to overly rely on science in our endeavours to better understand ourselves and our world is a misjudgement that conceals the other aspects of knowledge that are central to the human story. This book is the first of a fascinating trilogy that will take you on a journey which will remind you of those other essential ingredients that you need to hold dear if it is indeed your ambition to live a rich and full life.

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