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Paranormal Collection

Idol Speculation
Tommie McMasters hadn’t been off the island since he was six years old. He knew nothing of life. He was eighteen years old and had never known anything more than his own hand.
Then the boat with its little voodoo idol.

The Dead Zone
Dr. Sommers is researching rituals of certain cults in Central America. He has made a lifetime study of the practices and keeps meticulous notes.
He is found at his desk. He was writing about an orchid used in certain rituals. It is said that the flower can be made, through certain incantations, to expand and cover the head of a person, thus smothering him.
He died of suffocation. He had also recently run afoul of certain of the medicine people who were involved in those rites.
Det. Lt. Osvaldo Quinteros Perez is called to investigate. He is a specialist in such cults. The place where this happened was in the part of the Indigeno territory he referred to as the dead zone. It is known for deaths connected to those cults.
His friend and fellow cop is Renaldo Estes. They are quite the team.

Where Death Waits
A Clint Faraday Mystery
A man’s body is found in the forest in a place no one goes, usually. There is no explanation as to the cause of death.
Those things happen in the Valle de Muerte Esperando. It’s not an easy place.
Then another body close to the same area. No cause of death.
It is in the comarca, but neither person was Indio.
Chacho says the people are stupid to go into that forest. It is a place where death waits for victims.
Clint thinks there’s more to it than that!

Man Overbored
Cliff Hardy was bored. Here he was sitting in his boat in the Caribbean on a full moon romantic night, alone.
He sighed and read the titles of the books on the little shelf. All about voodoo and zombies and that kind of stuff.
Well, he was near enough to Jamaica and Haiti, where that stuff was practiced.
He was bored. He was there. What if...?

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