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Mistress of the Keep

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Mistress of the Keep is a time travel historical romance with characters whose basic needs are the same as others. Should centuries separating them be an issue?
Cathella Barclay needs a husband. The young woman inherits her father's position as laird when he is killed during a skirmish between two clans. The English government is slowly taking over Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. If she does not marry soon, as the official document dictates, the possibility of losing the Barclay lands will become a reality. The choices for a guidman are slim to none in Crathie, Scotland. She believes in love and forever after, not merely a marriage of convenience.

Gavin Richmond awakes in the barley fields owned by Callaghan Castle. He has no immediate memory of his past or how or why he has landed in Scotland in the 17th century. He goes to the castle to seek help from the laird of Callaghan. The next shock is the position is held by a woman...with a problem. Before he can even gather his wits, a proposal of marriage is put before him. His first inclination is to decline and make an effort to find his way back to the 21st century. However, the beautiful Scottish laird's dilemma cannot be ignored. Nor can her beauty and winsome ways. Is it possible for him to remain here?

The Scottish Highlands is the backdrop for this heart-warming tale. Light Scottish dialect is used throughout for Cathella's dialogue and those connected with Callaghan Castle. Sensual romantic overtones with thin veils of love scenes. No explicit sexual scenes. Approximately 45,000 words.

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