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The 3 Indispensible Rules for Taking Charge: A Reptilian Guide to Personal Finance and World Domination

31 pages23 minutes


"We cannot eradicate the most profound emotional connection between an ape and his ultimate purpose in life. We can only confuse them and divert them from their destiny to achieve our ends."

A little known author seeks advice from one of the world's most powerful men, but instead of getting the canned speech about hard work that she was expecting, she uncovered a secret conspiracy conducted in cold-blood. Intrigued by the reptilian's plan to team up with "hairy little meatbags," they soon begin their endeavor to redistribute the global balance of power.

A tell-all book about the reptilian conspiracy and indispensable guide to world domination...fact or fiction? Whichever, this mysterious overlord has provided all the answers for your most dire megalomania-related needs.

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