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The Spiritual Manager: How to Bring Heaven's Influence to your Workplace

288 pages4 hours


Many management practices have a sound biblical foundation but many do not. This book brings those aspects of management theory which have a foundation in Scripture and are highly practical.There is an enormous volume of management theories and frameworks that address only one aspect of management. These theories both overlap each other and have situations in which they don’t work very well. This book integrates the relevant management theories to bring a comprehensive approach to management.

The chapter titles are:
Chapter one: Building the presence of God at your workplace
Chapter two: Building your influence: The basis for leadership and effective evangelism
Chapter three: Management, leadership and other team roles
Chapter four: Culture and systems: The spirit and the letter?
Chapter five: Team climate and organizational culture
Chapter six: Providing clarity
Chapter seven: Giving responsibility
Chapter eight: Setting appropriate standards
Chapter nine: Increasing flexibility
Chapter ten: Giving rewards
Chapter eleven: Conflict resolution
Chapter twelve: Fostering collaboration
Chapter thirteen: Developing people
Chapter fourteen: Developing teams

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