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Flight for Life

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The Journey of a Child Holocaust Survivor

The enormity of the destruction of six million Jews in a span of less than a decade is a challenge for most to conceptualize. As a young boy born into a privileged life in Europe, Lou Gross had a rich quality of life. With the onset of World War II though, all Slovakian Jews found themselves equally at risk of losing their lives.

Lou’s young, carefree life was torn apart forever as he stood in his doorway and watched as soldiers prodded and poked the town elders as they were paraded en masse to trains that would take them to Auschwitz.

This book follows the journey of a six year old boy and his family, fleeing the threat of daily annihilation, his ultimate survival of the holocaust, and its impact on his life’s journey. Lou’s is a story of survival, of the human spirit, and of a childhood lost.

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