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Vore: Potions for Pleasure (Open-Minded Fetish Erotica)

21 pages20 minutes


Shelly has been spent many years trying to understand her fascination with being shrunk and consumed. Desperate to find some sort of outlet for her dark fantasies, she stumbles onto a website touting "magic potions" that will allow her to experience every dark fantasy of her dreams.

Skeptical, but in dire need of erotic fulfillment, Shelly decides to give the potion a try. Little does she know, she may be biting off more than she can chew. She's in for the ride of her life when she finds herself shrunk down to the size of an ant, somehow waking up inside her boyfriend's apartment. She's too tiny for him to notice her; she'll have to struggle with every muscle in her body and every ounce or survival instinct she has to avoid being crushed, smashed, stepped-on, being accidentally cooked into his food, or worse...

An Erotic tale of shrinking and swallowing, written for those who have interest in the Vore fetish, this 5,688 word story is intended only for open-minded adults!

The fourth book by Rory Scott.


Shelly clicked through another website forum page for fetishists, trying to find a group of people who were into “Vore”, as she had learned her fetish was named. "Vore, as in carnivore, to eat or be eaten," she spoke to herself. Makes sense, I guess. The sound of a clock ticking past 2 A.M. could be heard in the background of her dorm room. The only light source in the tiny dorm room, Shelly’s laptop screen, painted the room with an electric blue/white glow as Shelly searched desperately online for some sort of sexual release. Her hand tucked into her unbuttoned jeans, she rubbed her clit slowly with one hand as her other hand guided the computer mouse. A tiny puddle of arousal had accumulated at the crotch seam of her pants as she leafed through erotic forum posts, bizarre pictures of mouths and teeth, and short stories posted online by others.
God, what the hell am I doing? This is still so weird to me, Shelly thought to herself. At the bottom of Shelly's computer screen, an obnoxious, flashing, advertising banner suddenly caught her attention, as advertising banners often do. There was a cartoon picture of a witch; she had a black shirt, striped green and white pantyhose, black shoes and a black witches hat, like something out of a children's book. The banner read, "LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER TO YOUR FANTASIES? LOST, BUT CAN'T FIND THE CURE? CLICK HERE."

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