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Sexy Alien Prison Breaks

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Qualleps is a guard on a small independent planet in a far off galaxy. He likes to exercise his power over the rehabilitation process. Coincidently, he is also a sucker for female aliens who wish nothing more than to bribe him with bizarre sex. This is a tale told by him and centers around three of his conquests. All of the three alien sluts were willing to do anything to get out of the slammer. First up is a sea-dweller with long and purple hair and with a pussy to, apparently, die for. Of course our favorite prison guard gets to bang the shit out of her. Next is a sort of Amazonian and weird named Shu X, a burly, three-breasted bitch that soon learns she should never have challenged Qualleps’ authority. The last but not least is a a blue-skinned alien who wants to bring her friend along for the ride. It’s a request Qualleps agrees to without question and rams them both. In the end, being a prison guard on an alien word in a far off galaxy actually isn’t that bad.

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