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Antiquity Comes Full Circle

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This unusual book is the second of a unique trilogy, which takes you down the corridors of the past, peaking through many windows, right from the beginning of civilisation, up to the present time. Easton Hamilton makes a series of interesting observations where he dares to suggest that the eastern contribution to our modern world has not been adequately acknowledged and as a consequence many of the things that led to the demise of the ancient cultures and kingdoms are in danger of being repeated once more.

Within this paradoxical tale, the author also puts forward the notion that despite the demise and in many cases the subsequent lack of development in the eastern world, there has remained a greater reverence and application of spiritual values and principles in the East, which has somehow helped create a better mindset for dealing with adversity and challenge. Those values and principles are now being exported from the East and increasingly embraced and applied in the western world, as the pace of modern life generally seems to be ferociously consuming all in its path and so an antidote for the busy, frantic mind is being sought.

This is a book that encourages us to reclaim the best of the past and to marry it with the best of the present in order that we may have a better today and tomorrow. Antiquity Comes Full Circle offers you a truly fascinating perspective on a story less told.

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