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My Affair With An American Eccentric

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Alena is a dark-haired beauty from the Czech Republic who is working in a retail store, supporting herself and taking creative writing classes in college. She is having some trouble adjusting to the new language and the casual overly familiar way that customers interact with her. At the store, she meets a charming and slightly older man who becomes obsessed with her. At first he sticks to flirting with her. She thinks he will go away and leave her alone if she continues to reject him. He continues to pursue her; she is afraid that he will eventually wear her down. She is truly repulsed by him, not to mention he has a girlfriend, but she can’t help but be seduced by his poetic spirit and uninhibited sexual desire. What is it about this man? Will she eventually give in? Can he offer her love, or is she just wasting her time?

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