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Vampire Dreams: An Erotic Vampire Novel

112 pages1 hour


Warning! This book contains spicy sexual content, graphic language, and sexy situations that some readers may find objectionable: Vampire/mind control theme and other ‘alternative’ forms of sexual stimulation. This story is not for the easily offended.

Rated R / NC 17 for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, language, some drug and alcohol use.

‘The wind was howling outside of his car as Richard pulled up to the lighthouse on the coast of Norway. It’s twilight, and even through the rapidly-developing storm, the lamp at the top of the tower burns strong and bright, rotating as usual through all sorts of weather.

He sees Jennifer’s car parked there, covered in dust and salty brine. It appears to have been parked for weeks. A dim light comes from inside of the cottage. Taking a deep breath, he locks his car and walks towards the front door.

“Brother, this place looks deserted,” he tells himself. He sweeps a gigantic cobweb off a part of the upper door, then raps on the wood with his knuckles. “Jen...Jen. Are you home?” Richard is surprised to hear the door creak like the front entrance to a haunted mansion...

Fans of sexy supernatural and spicy vampire romance will love the gripping storytelling and detailed and unique characters of 'Vampire Dreams', and they will be seduced by the epic love story...

Enjoy this dark tale of dreams and desires where nothing is what it appears to be...

“Adventurous, sexy and gripping – ‘Vampire Dreams’ is impossible to put down.” – Susan Hart, Literary Agent

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