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Bimbo Maker 7

18 pages16 minutes


Philbert and Tim are on the run from the ladies of WANK (Women Against Naughty Kinkiness), who want to shut down production of the Bimbo Maker formula. The boys flee to a remote island, but the man-hating WANKers find them and attack. Philbert manages to turn them all into sex-crazed bimbos, but it's only a temporary solution. What will he do? Hint: It involves a new invention called Bimbo Panties.
Yes, that's right, Bimbo Panties. These cute panties will turn any woman who wears them into a voluptuous vixen who craves sex and can bring herself to multiple screaming, squealing orgasms. It's the latest installment of the Bimbo Maker series, and it takes tight panties to a whole new level.

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