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Mary Catherine's Simply Spells

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I initially began writing; “Mary Catherine’s Simply Spells”, for myself. I would have Lists of herbs, gem stones, colors, and ingredients, all in one book. Subsequently it became a labor of love. It is filled with my magick spells, as well as information, handed down to me, by my Grandmother. It is an, “easy to read”, how to guide, for the initiated and non-initiated alike. These spells have worked for me as well as friends and family members throughout my life. It will be helpful as well as entertaining for readers interested in the fields of Witchcraft or Magic. My children’s future is the main element in my life; which motivated me to finish my book. Their favorite spell is “Jar School”, and was written especially for them. I pray my book will become their legacy. May love Light and Happiness fill all of the lives of those who read it.

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