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We Be BoBo: Channelings from a 7th Density Group Consciousness

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MAKE IT STOP!! Dear God, make it STOP!

That’s what I shrieked in the neurologist’s office after I’d been hearing the voices for weeks. I was sure I had a temporal lobe tumor, or a hormonal imbalance. So were the doctors. You don’t just black out for minutes, then come back with instant word processing and say, “Oh well. It’s a mystery.”

I tried anti-psychotic medication, cognitive therapy, Chinese herbs, mud baths, valence balancing, Theta waves, but these voices kept on a’comin’. Soon they weren’t just chattering at me, but at people I know. Before long we were having weekly meetings, then the meetings got so big we had to rent public space. You probably know the rest of the story.

That was eleven years ago. Just like many of BoBo’s devotees, I have had to accept what I have become. I am a channel for a 7th Density Group Consciousness that call Themselves BoBo.

BoBo is irreverent, even insulting at times. I don’t defend this, I just report what I hear. BoBo teases and cajoles. If you’ve seen the We Be BoBo Video or DVD, you know that BoBo is compassionate and BoBo can also be something close to angry, although I get a more refined feeling than anger... more like “strong concern”. BoBo loves us, plain and simple. Where can you find that kind of love these days? In this world? In this dimension?

I’m regularly sent all over the world for purposes only BoBo can fully understand. Check out the chapter “Cock Fight in Tijuana”. One time, BoBo sent me to Amsterdam to sample a pork dish in a coffee bar in the red light district. They said I’d meet a girl in a short dress named Katrina, and that I should do what she told me. I’ll never know what that was all about, but I sure met some interesting types there. And quite an unusual menu. Who knows? I may have been sent to radiate a certain energy that was needed at just that time, just that place, by just those people that I met. Or it may also have had something to do with the satchel of deutsche mark BoBo instructed me to stuff down my... well, I’m getting off the track.

At those times I know I’m being guided by a compassionate group of ethereals who just know more than me and are giving me good advice – advice that’s good for me AND for the universe. Sometimes I never find out what the entire thing was about. At those times I’ll ask BoBo, but They usually say something like, “Oh that. That was a complete cluster... well, just forget about it. You’ll understand some day.”

And I believe I will. Even when I meet a stranger at an airport and take a small wrapped package from him and deposit it in a dumpster between Avenue C and D, well... I know I’m working for the ultimate good of the universe. I’m creating harmony. I’m fulfilling some kind of mission, even if I don’t understand the mission or my part in it.

I’m not as profound as BoBo, that’s for sure. So let’s let the “Group” speak for Themselves. Here then are the first transmissions, just as they were given through me. May you find them as helpful (and as weird) as I have.

We Be BoBo. We are a Group Consciousness from the 7th Density. We call ourselves BoBo for your benefit, as, at this time, you feel more comfortable with names and identities. Where We come from, the distinctions between You and I, Us and Them are a lot vaguer. There is no language save that of the heart (although Cash is still King, even up here). For your benefit, We have chosen a name in your tongue that incorporates the closest sounds to our essence - BoBo. We Be BoBo. We have important information for you. This information is like our name - too subtle to be imparted through spoken 3rd Density language. So, We will use language as a type of carrier wave. As you read these pages, the language will speak to your 3rd Density brain, but there are “meta-messages” encoded within the language. These messages, coded in words, images, sounds, sometimes in the shape of the letters themselves, will go straight to yo

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