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I'm Telling Quickies: Volume One

54 pages44 minutes


Once in a while, all you need is just a quickie. Author I. M. Telling has what you need and delivers.

Included in this collection of shorts is ‘The Rendezvous’ which tells of a first encounter between two strangers, connected only by the chat room where they first met.

‘Adjusting the Package’ describes in detail, how Myron is quickly gaining a reputation as the most fantastic lover on the planet.

If you gamble and lose, you may find yourself ‘Paying off the Bookie’. Benny could not handle his debt by himself. His wife needed to step in and help.

How often have you exercised your excitement with the help of a little ‘Phone Sex’? Bertha knew how to get men off, even when they are a thousand miles away.

It is all about ‘Variations and Variety’ for some people. See why the names don’t matter. Consider the varied positions and body counts. Melissa has her eyes opened to an entirely new world.

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