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Pancho's Pilot

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Just before World War I, a young American airman who gets air sick if he gets more than four feet off the ground, mistakenly lands his bi-plane on the wrong side of the Texas-Mexican border. While he thinks he’s at least safely back on the ground, it turns out he’s actually captured by a second rate Mexican bandit who wants to be as famous as Pancho Villa. This is the bandit leader’s big break because he suddenly has what Villa does not, an air force.

Also kidnapped by the bandits is an oversexed south Texas rancher’s daughter who has the hots for the young pilot.

The American Army decides that instead of being kidnapped, the pilot has actually defected to the enemy. Thus the young man is pursued by the U.S. Army, held by Mexican bandits, under seize by the rancher’s daughter, and being hunted by an angry, shotgun toting father.

Finally, in desperation, the pilot must save himself, the rancher’s daughter, and the only doctor in one hundred miles by doing the one thing he hates the most – fly.

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