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The Life I Left Behind

214 pages3 hours


A vampire story with a twist.

Andrea’s life was forever changed by a run in with a ghostly apparition on a dark mountain road. When she awakens she finds herself in a hospital room surrounded by strangers. The tragic accident that almost took her life succeeded in taking her memory, and as she struggles to rediscover the she no longer remembers she finds herself with more questions than answers.

Her handsome and mysterious husband seems to be hiding something as the memories begin to return to her; disembodied voices call out to her and she is plagued by visions of a man in white. Add to that a loyal dog who no longer knows her, a compelling stranger with a cryptic warning and a husband that she’s beginning to worry might not be completely human; she finds herself questioning her choices, her faith and her own sanity. Suddenly, she is thrown into a world she never believed existed: a world populated by ghosts, vampires, angels, demons and a Love that is reaching out from the other side.

Is Andrea’s imagination getting the better of her as her husband claims or does he have otherworldly secrets to hide? In order to find herself Andrea must push forward trusting in her faith regardless of her husband’s wishes to discover the life she left behind that night before it is too late. Her life or perhaps her soul may hang in the balance...

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