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The Carnage from Fords Beach

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this is the first in a series of fictional plots featuring the creek family, and in particular burra creek, however, in this adventure to fords beach, it is burra’s long time friend and drinking partner, cliffy hill who accompanies him on a journey far from home to the seaside where they are to become caretakers for an old mate who they have not seen for many years, and now is in need of assistance as a family tragedy is about to occur within a short period of time. burra is more than happy to assist his old friend wally grimm out.

wally just happens to own and run a vehicle wreckers yard in amongst a small community at fords beach. both burra and cliffy have never been to fords beach nor as a matter of fact, ever heard of the place. although slightly wary of taking on what might be a demanding position, once wally establishes the fact that fords beach has a pub, as well as a few other tempting considerations, the two men cannot resist the lure of the beach, beer and...naked bodies that wally faithfully promises will be there.

naturally as married men, burra and cliffy are forced to clear a number of hurdles before leaving on their work experience adventure. the hurdles involve both wives, namely edith and mavis, who at first demand to be taken along. the obstacles are removed one by one as burra uses a combination of unsavory methods to ensure that this is not really going to be any picnic, and the usual comforts of home will be obsolete.

burra and cliffy’s stay at fords beach offers a blending of highs and lows. unfortunately in true creek tradition, the lows outnumber the highs due to burra’s inability to see past the alluring captivating images ahead of him. being out of his own environment causes a number of troublesome mishaps for burra through failure to apportion blame upon himself, which eventually lead to many destructive outcomes.

one message that becomes loud and clear to burra and cliffy future, any long lost friend can remain so if an offer of inducement is put forward which requires leaving their own dunghill. once burra can put things right with edith, she will never have to face another lonely night without him...that is burra’s declaration at this point, but of course once the hurt subsides, burra’s memory fades quickly.

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