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The Triple Trouble

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Gigolo Jacob has a huge cock, an insatiable appetite for sex, and the ability to cum more times that is usually necessary. So after he messes up his diary and realises that he's scheduled not one, not two, but three of his hottest clients all for the same time, he figures that he's more than capable of keeping them all happy. Not only that, he sees the opportunity to earn triple bucks whilst enjoying triple fucks in a fullfilled foursome. However the three clients, Mandy, Cathy, and Hazel have their own ideas and decide to take him on a journey he is unlikely to forget in a hurry. After a short car ride they end up at a deserted beach, where they enjoy more than frolicking in the waves. Very soon the sand becomes the backdrop of a sexual orgy, a mass of tangled arms and legs with Jacob's cock at the very center of the fun!

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