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Christmas Carol

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Carol hated Christmas. Then the ghost of her late employer, Lady Augusta, appeared, insisting she must change her heartless ways or they would each be doomed to wander alone through eternity.

Transported to the London of 1818, to a world of luxury and pleasure, Carol met Lord Nicholas Montfort and soon recognized him as her soulmate. Forced to give him up for his benefit and returned to the present day, the grieving Carol tried to rectify some of her past mistakes.

Next, Lady Augusta sent her to the desolate future "Lond" of 2168, where a repressive government ruled and there was no Christmas, just a barren metal "Solstice Tree" in a cement-paved "park." There Carol met Nik, the future incarnation of Nicholas, and she made friends, whom she recognized from previous times. But danger lurked in the person of the Ruler of Lond, who seemed to know her. Revolution seemed inevitable. How much was Carol willing to surrender for the sake of the one man who had captured her heart forever?

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