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Slave of the Beastmen: Bred by the Beastmen 3

75 pages1 hour


Gina Templeton, cryptozoology TV show host, has taken to her role as the mate of Kalak, the chief of a long-lost tribe of beastmen. When one of his sons is enslaved by a rival, Gina and the wild men come up with a plan to get him back – bold rescue, in the face of incredible danger.

Will Kalak, Gina, and the beastmen save his son and escape unharmed? Or will Gina fall into a trap and herself become a SLAVE OF THE BEASTMEN?

Warning: This 20,000+ word erotic novella is packed full of monstrous sex, savage lust, explicit (and VERY rough) oral and anal sex, deep throating, a desperate gangbang, furious menage-a-quatre, triple penetration, and hidden identities. Roar for the beastmen!


“Lust,” I whispered, “lust, Kalak. Say it in my ear. Whisper in my ear how I make you feel. Whisper what you want to do to my body and then blow in my ear.”

For a second, he stayed quiet, the warmth of his breath slipping down my sides and leaving a little trail of goose bumps in its wake.

“The way you touch me, Kalak, the way you kiss me. I’ve never felt anything like this. Never felt anything like you.”

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