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The year is 2312. As a Ward, all my life, I have had everything that I need and the Federation has been my provider. Now that I am eighteen it is my turn to give back by serving. During my time in service I am fearful that I may no longer be the same. I have been asked to give a portion of myself to the United Earth Federation but is that all they really want? I find myself wondering if my body belongs to me or am I a tool to be used at the whim of the Federation? Do I have a choice in the matter and will my voice be heard?
Harvester, book one of this trilogy. This captivating story follows the life of Ward Tressa. She lives in a world that has long since touted itself as a Global Utopia but Tressa is finding it difficult accepting the greater good. She is forced to cope with rules and heart wrenching results. Take this first step of three by reading book one in the Harvester Series.
Lori Turner & Tracey Johnson
Copyright © 2012

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