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Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and The Future of Medicine

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Today as a national controversy rages concerning the state and form of health care in America our attention is draw the cost of health care and the role of government and corporations in providing health care services. While important this discussion leaves out the most vital aspect of dealing with illness, how do we cure, heal and prevent illness. There are a number of counter-movement each gaining public attention but none are complete and offer a fool proof way to create wither prevention or healing. Once such movement is involved the acceptance of traditional thinking about methods and concepts previously classified as "alternative medicine." Historically many healing techniques have been with us for hundreds and even thousands of years. In our book Huna, Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and The Future of Medicine we explores one of the more beneficial approaches to healing and prevention. This approach has direct applicability to alleviating both the stress-caused symptoms and afflictions of the modern world as well as those traditionally dealt with by the Western medical system.

For over two thousand years practitioners of Huna, the ancient Polynesian/Hawaiian healing teachings, have successfully emphasized the prevention of illness before it begins. To the Huna master, healing the mind and spirit are equal in importance to that which we think of as traditional medical care. This is in stark contrast with the western medical practices which generally treats symptoms with medication and surgery rather than providing true healing.

Our book explains the salient concepts of Huna and points the way for readers to fully understand how Huna can be used to improve the quality of their health and to help them both avoid and heal illness.

The Lawrences have applied this once secret knowledge of life and healing to the modern Western medical system. With the integration of Huna and modern medicine we now have a unique, new and revolutionary healing philosophy and a way of integrating ancient psychology and spirituality into modern medical practice.

In many ways this combined system parallels the new science of psychoneuroimmunobiology, integration of mind, body and spirit with modern medical practices. Even before there were hospitals or research labs, there were healers, shamans and wise men. These ancients healers were the scientist and doctors of their day, able to heal in ways which are now foreign to our present institutions. Using Huna's "secret healing principles," the Lawrences now add a whole new dimension to health care. It transforms medical treatments from simply using drugs and surgery into an integrated and complimentary process for healing the whole person. The integration of modern medicine with Huna's secret wisdom allows for healing body, mind and spirit at a level only dreamed of in recent times. The main focus of the Lawrence's book is to help you, the reader, to seamlessly add Huna and its new wisdom into your ongoing medical treatment program. At the same time, Huna principles significantly improve your ability to heal yourself. For those of you who are not ill, you can quickly learn to use Huna techniques to prevent yourself and your family members from ever becoming ill in the first place.

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