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How Do I Find True Love? What the Planets Say About Your Perfect Match

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This amazing book brings an end to haphazard seeking for a true love. Master Astrologer, Randall Curtis, gives you the specific tools to help you avoid relationships that are not good for you and focus on those that are.

You are given simple techniques for understanding your relationship to anyone before you even consider whether or not they could be a potential mate.

The author shows the reader how to use the complex tools of relationship astrology in a very simple way that gets amazingly good results. The reader will be able to avoid dating disasters, fatal attractions, or risk the hidden dangers of romantic roulette.

One convinced reader states that “The author has compiled a comprehensive guide to finding a perfect mate. I am so grateful for his insights. Not only did his words resonate with who I am deep down, I am much more in tune with my true love.”

As one reviewer put it, “I was able to easily interpret my own chart and then interpret others. It has always confused me before leading to a lot of frustration. Because of this book I was able to confirm things I already knew or suspected and learned things that I had not known. I know this will be an invaluable resource for years to come and I would highly recommend that anyone with interest in astrology pick this up. And yes, I did figure out which of the men that are around are best for me.”

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