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J & J's How To Survive Love: A Man's Guide When Love Takes A Piece Out Of You, by Jon Sumner and Jim Lorenzato

106 pages1 hour


There are infinite ways Love can screw a human up and over, but when it screws up a man all the ways work on the same material, a man. Co-written by a young idealist and an old cynic this concise guide shows how and why Mother Nature programmed the human male. Take a look at male genetics, the male brain, and the male mind. Glimpse the female world and get some traffic pointers on avoiding inter-gender fender benders. Learn to own yourself before you tackle your particular Love problem.

If Love has taken a piece out of you this is the right book. Priced about the cost of a greeting card, it also makes a great gift for the guy who doesn't think he needs it, but would secretly read it.

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