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Bred by My Daddy's Werewolf Friend

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Grace never expected that her camping trip would turn into a barebacking adventure with her father's werewolf friend...

Grace has no idea why her father's friend, Aaron, wants her to go camping during the full moon with him. She's just a horny girl, home from college after discovering the pleasures of sex, and all she can really think about is getting laid.

But Aaron has been having fantasies of his own. Grace finds out his true nature when he turns into a werewolf and attacks her. Once she realizes what's happening, all she wants to do is give her tender flesh to him.

Warning: this 3164 word story contains explicit sex between a werewolf and his friend's daughter, an internal finish, multiple orgasms, and sopping oral sex. For mature readers only.

Note: this is an alternate version of the story "Bred by My Werewolf Daddy" with the family element removed. All characters are 18 or older, and of no relation.

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