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Is Tarot From India? The Origins Of Tarot: Findings From India

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This book relates the research undertaken by the author in India, early in 2005. The tsunami had unleashed its power only days before she travelled to Bishnupur in Bengal, north of Calcutta, to investigate a picture card she had
seen in a museum.

Not knowing whether she would find anything useful, she relates how she set out on her quest. She reveals how her curiosity brought her face to face with an ancient Indian card game which holds uncannily similar symbols to some of those found in the Tarot.

Ella Jo goes on to explain her findings, adding weight to a theory that some ideas behind the Tarot originate in India.

For those seeking a credible background for Tarot, this research raises some interesting questions and may provide a glimpse into the history of the structure of Tarot.

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