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Knight Madigan

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My name is Alexander Madigan. I inherited a mansion that’s so old it might have been built before the thirteen colonies existed. I live all alone so I talk to myself and the twelve suits of armor standing in the mansion’s upstairs great hallway. In fact I had just said goodnight to them when right in front of me, so close it touched my toes, popped a thirteenth one. I swallowed down fear before I talked to it.

“I’m not really seeing you, am I? You’re nothing, only a case of loneliness tremors, or something akin to that. So do me a favor, just go away and right now.”

Of course it didn’t. It stayed and began changing colors, slowly at first, until it became a dark violet that radiated heat. Its helmet visor moved upward and two fiery eyes did things to my mind while staring through my skull and out its back end. A knife edge voice electrified the mansion’s air and raked my spine.

“At last we meet face to face.”

That was the beginning of my adventure that took me from modern day Earth and sent me through a dimension door to a medieval Earth.

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